Well-Leader Mindset™ Strategic Wellness Investing

New Quest

Well-Leader Mindset™ Wellness Investing Basics

  • Coaching By Dr. Lori

  • Community Support

  • 3 Levels

Why are people willing to neglect their health and wellness?

We invest in our wealth over the years to make sure we have enough for retirement and leave a legacy, yet all too often we are willing to invest in our health only after it has been devastated.

Why is it that we routinely squander and neglect something we would hate to have taken from us and would surely fight to prevent someone taking from our loved ones?

Why would we rather use our wealth to pay for medications, procedures, therapy, higher health insurance premiums, support, and equipment?

How would you answer to these questions?

My first answer was, I don’t know. Then I thought about how my mindset coach would reply if I said that. She would ask, “Well if you did know, what would your answer be?”

My answer would be that I didn’t know any better and was fed a bunch of short-term solutions and programs to achieve health and wellness that I now know would never have worked anyway. But I sure kept trying!

Short term solutions don’t work for long-term wellness and are not how your truly invest in your wellness. I have experienced the difference, and let me tell you, there is no better feeling than knowing I am adding years to my life and life to my years.

This complimentary course consists of three levels and ten missions, each taking 5-15 minutes to complete. You learn how to become a Strategic Wellness Investor and begin the mindset shift required to achieve the long-term wellness you desire. I know you want to create and experience your wellness legacy now and pay it forward. 

You will see that it’s not about using a quick fix or starting with action. The answer lies in shifting our mindset first and not focusing on external outcomes such as weight loss, etc. The focus is finding the authentic health and wellness that fits your life and simply living it every day.

The goals of this Wellness Investment Basics Course are to help you begin thinking more strategically and long term about your health and wellness as you do with your financial investments for retirement. Your body is the only one you have. It’s up to you to take care of it. You have the power to control your long-term health destiny.

Don’t give up on yourself! Open your mind to learn about a new and innovative approach to achieve the health and wellness you desire – In this course, you will explore what strategic wellness investing is, determine why you would want to do it, and learn how to become a strategic investor.

+BONUS+ The course includes a complimentary 30-minute strategy session with Dr. Lori Lindbergh, Wellness Investment Strategist, to discuss your authentic path forward.

It’s TIME to make a choice ➤ Grow old with HEALTH or Grow old with DISEASE.

Stop putting your self-care on hold. The time is NOW!

New Quest

Phase 1: Well-Leader Mindset™ - Awaken

  • Coaching By Dr. Lori

  • Community Support

  • 2 Levels

New Quest

Well-Leader Mindset™ Wellness Investing 101

  • Coaching By Dr. Lori

  • Community Support

  • 2 Levels

Welcome to Strategic Wellness Investing 101.

Strategic Wellness Investing 101 includes Phase 1: Awaken and Phase 2: Awareness

Get started achieving the health and wellness you desire by making the choice to invest in your long-term health and wellness. You start by understanding your wellness investment mindset to awaken your curiosity and open your mind to examining how you think, nonjudgmentally and from a place of neutrality. 

There is no right or wrong thinking. Your current mindset is simply your starting point to begin your transformational journey toward that of a Well-Leader who takes care of yourself and exerts a positive influence on the lives of others you care about at home and work.

Your Well-Leader Mindset™ has a way of creating an incredible health and wellness ripple effect in the lives of others!

By participating in Strategic Wellness Investing 101, you will

  • Identify your baseline wellness investment mindset.
  • Explore your readiness to truly make changes to your health and wellness,
  • Understand how you tend to think about and approach focusing on your health and wellness.
  • Uncover the root cause of what prevents you from achieving the health and wellness you desire,
  • Visualize the outcomes you focus on to measure success,
  • Determine what helps you stay committed and motivated to making changes, and
  • Establish a “Thought Plan” for moving forward on your health and wellness journey.

Your body is the only one you have. It’s up to you to take care of it, no one else can do that. You have the power to control your long-term health destiny.